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MERGEWOLF Import & Export has the ability to provide you almost anything in firearms sector; varying from all shotguns to AK47 & AR-15 rifles, from small machinery items to pistols. What is more, by means of its worldwide marketing network, MergeWolf also has the capability to provide different military items like grenade launchers, mortar shells, rifle ammo etc.

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Quality Control

Just before the packaging, all your goods are checked against deficiencies, working mechanisms etc.

Job follow-up

From the very beginning of your order, you will be informed and updated regularly during all the phases of manufacturing, including even the raw-material providing process.

Finding the most
reliable manufacturers

Just let us know what you need, and we will do the rest for you by providing clear evidences etc.

Problem-free shipment tracking

Duee to your request, we’ll provide you all the alternatives for shipment and the most reliable shippers as well as regular update on your cargo.

Why Merge Wolf ?

  • Risk-free business
  • Long-term warranty
  • Regular update
  • Easy access
  • Fast in problem solving

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Our References

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Gunblank Corporation Co.,LTD.


Magnum Security

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