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Toll Manufacturing

Toll Manufacturing
Toll Manufacturing

When you need just a few parts of your product, rather than the whole itself, thne it means Toll Manufacturing is exactly what you need.

Throughout Beyşehir, in which MERGEWOLF is settled, there are around 3500+ CNC machines belonging to different companies. Currently, due to the decreasing demand towards the shotgun sector, most of their owners are looking for something to produce on those machines. They have the capability to produce too many things, but marketing them can be a problem. At that point, MERGEWOLF offers you to find the most talented professionals to produce your needs at the most reasonable price.

By courtesy of leading experts working for MERGEWOLF, we’ll find you the most modern and defect-free machines. Since MERGEWOLF gets its commission from the manufacturer, you will not pay anything for that. You’ll just let us know the exact dimensions of your request, and they will be delivered to the cargo in-time. That’s all.

On the other hand, if you need to get the technical drawings of an item, we also have the required connections with the professionals who can do the technical drawings. Either it can be a totally new design, or it can be something old to be modified. All is well for MERGEWOLF.

Just let MERGEWOLF know what you need, then see & reveal the high quality the result.

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